Saturday, 1 June 2013

Winter has arrived - 1st June and the butter still has not melted

As we are getting further north, we are seeing other boats that are on the rally out of Darwin with us. Leaving Cairns 1st June was a small flotilla of boats heading for the day sail to the Low Isles - just off Port Douglas.
The  trip here was one of the best sails to date with a steady 20kts pushing us all the way. Low Isles are probably the last chance to snorkel before Lizard Island then Indonesia so we have opted to stay for 2 nights. They are classified as a Commonwealth Island - the size of a gnats ass and they have 2 caretakers living there ....! Not sure what they do apart from remind us of all the new rules and regulations eg. cannot step foot on the island from dusk to dawn - what a crock! And yes they did have a 2 metre one living here for 3 months over Summer. Once sighted, they do erect a sign to be aware of crocodiles. That coupled with the Lemon sharks circling the boat when we arrived will make for a very quick swim and snorkel. Day visitors are still arriving, though coming from Port Douglas, the boats are up market - 60' sailing catamarans worth millions.

                                                  Low Isle where a full time caretaker lives

                                                   The new luxurious way to get to see the reef

Next stop will be The Hope Islands, about 40nm, then shelter behind one of the Capes and then onto Lizard island. Not sure what internet will be available, so may be the last for a while.

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