Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2nd stop - Pangkor

After departing Port Dickson we headed to Port Klang for the first nights stop and anchored at the mouth of a river just off the port. A very large busy port with huge ships coming and going 24/7. Second night was at the mouth of the Bernam River near a small fishing village, both very comfortable anchorages with little movement and no storms. Both days were spent motoring as there wasn't much wind - we were advised that this would be the case. The surrounding area on approach to the marina was scattered with small islands with very lush vegetation, the marina itself  built on a man-made island between Pangkor Island and the mainland. On arrival into Pangkor Marina, we needed a small pilot boat to come out into the lagoon and guide us in. Once inside we realised that it was a much smaller marina than Port Dickson with not a lot of room. Thankfully there was little or no wind and we managed to get into our berth without issue, but had the feeling we were being packed in like sardines. At the briefing there was talk of possibly having to raft up but they did seem to find a berth for every boat. The amenities were once again rather disappointing with the shower block  in the middle of the work shop area and not at all inviting, so it was back to showering aboard for the duration of our stay. The marina was offering free water along with 3 free days berthing, so it doesn't really matter how much water we use. This marina is where quite a few boats have opted to lift out of the water to get work done so we saw many of the Sail Indonesia boats on the hard stand.


                                      John (Footloose) lifting out of the water to antifoul

The rally had organised a day trip across to Pangkor Island so we took the ferry from the terminal located right next door to the marina and within 10mins we were getting off at the other end. We piled into hot pick coloured mini vans and started our tour around the island. First stop was an old Dutch fort, then some very interesting temples, followed by a fish market where all processing is done by hand. Oh the aroma !! Then on to a seafood lunch ...... :-(  Markets forgotten, the lunch was great. Back to the ferry terminal to browse for an hour before the ferry home.

Pete standing near one of the brightly painted temples

            Pete and self, Craig and Robyn, Chantelle and Freddie (Micromigas) and Denis (Manta)

                                              Fish processed all by hand - what a job !

The girls at the beach - Marina (Kailani), self, Jen (Tigerlily) and Robyn

Dried fish at the markets - check the left hand side. Fly paper full of flies !

Trays of noodles drying in the sun

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