Monday, 16 May 2016

Pangkor Marina

Some information on Pangkor Marina.

As always, James Khoo is available to provide assistance in sourcing contractors and or parts. He is a great and friendly resource.

We left Kittani on the hard stand here for nearly 2 years.

The sealift lifting method the use was one of the easiest we have ever done. It can lift up to roughly 40 ton and we saw a 65 footer being lifted with no issues.

                     The 'Sealift' method used at Pangkor Marina - simple and quick

Once on the hard, we were supported by 5 metal poles on each side with one forward and aft. Possibly due to the fact that we had advised our stay would be a minimum of 12 months, there were spot welded into position - we weren't going to move. 

There is the ability to have somebody regularly look over your boat however speaking to other cruisers, the effectiveness of this was questionable. You can have power to the boat for a fee however this would require oversight for topping up batteries, etc. Refer to previous comment. 

The staff are all excellent, friendly and always willing to help. Especially Ruz in the office - a big thank you to her for all the directions. 

Jimmy from Precision marine was very helpful with advice and was kind enough to lend us a caulking gun for sausage Sikalfex. 

We also used the following contractors:-

Refrigeration - Azman  017 599 6099. He tested and regassed both fridge and freezer for MYR150. Good value.

RIB Repair - Ganesh 012 266 0425. We had a slow leak which he guaranteed he would be able to fix. He charged MYR600. We had to send it back as it was still deflating and unfortunately had to leave the day after we received it back. It is still leaking 😡😡. My error was paying him in full when we first received it. Another boat had massive leaks which he did fix. Maybe I was just unlucky. Not good value.

General hardware, pressure hoses, plastic cnc cutting, small welding - Southward Hose & Engineering.
Julia 016 411 8161. Can get you just about anything, great person to know and very helpful.
Canvas - KS 016 547 2759.  We had some basic rear covers made for the coach house from Sunbrella. MYR1000 for 4 pieces with 3 clears. We supplied zips, UV thread and ss eyelets. Good value.

Upholstery - Razali 016 531 0919. (Next door to Jimmy). A reasonable range of fabric at good prices. We only purchased fabric. Other cruisers had cushions made and all pleased with job and price.
Car Hire - Mohan. 012 515 6677. We had a small Kancil for MYR650 per month. A necessity if you are staying for any length of time as most things are a drive away. 
Fuel - The boys from the Marina can get it however you will pay more. The Shell servo is opposite Jimmy's and no problems filling 7 jerry jugs at a time.

Restaurants - some great local ones. 
Biriyani for brilliant tandoori, curries, and the murtabak is a must!!!! No alcohol available. Excellent value
Tar Dee on the way to Jimmy's on the left hand side. Chinese so beer is available.mgood and cheap. No menu as such - you just tell them what you want.
333 - in Sitiawan close to the Hindu temple. Food court with lots of variety. Alcohol. Good and cheap.

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