Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Caframo Sirocco fans

After multiple emails to the HO of Caframo Fans, thought it appropriate to mention in our blog in the hope that others will read before making a purchase, or make a more educated purchase.
Story so far....

We purchased 3 Sirocco 807, 24v model in late 2013. These were expensive - some $AUD 120 each,  but after seeing them in action in Australia - quiet and low current draw - made the purchase.

Fans were used from Jan 2013 through to May 2014. This was a trip from Australia to Thailand via Indonesia and Malaysia...ie hot locations.. They worked well.

Boat was put on the hard for 2 years. All electricity was disconnected , In fact ,fans were removed and stored following a refit. Reconnected in 

Back on board in February 2016
First fan started switching itself off , sometimes after 1 hour, gradually getting to the stage of every 3 minutes. OK...still had two to go. Removed the circuit board, added a switch and dc/dc 24 to 12 v converter and fan works ok albeit high speed.  No issues so far.

Couple of months later, second fan started doing the same thing.

Wrote to Caframo to see if they could supply new circuit boards...no dice. Tempted me with advising that their marketing dept was looking for testers for a new product...will advise. Shortly there after...no deal they have stopped.
Yesterday, 3rd fan started switching itself off.

Now have a 100% failure rate for 3 very expensive fans with platitudes from Caframo. Why they can't supply replacement circuit boards is beyond me.

If you buy them....good luck.

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