Monday, 31 March 2014

Satun Boat Yard

Well, who would've thought that a few weeks could go past so quickly. After all, we've only just posted the previous blog dated from middle of Feb..but here we are in Satun Boatyard.

We were delayed getting into the yard by 2 days as the only cradle available for us was occupied by a boat catching up on the last minute jobs. Not too much of an issue except that we had planned of emptying Kittani of most of the accumulated treasures of the last few years before heading off to Aus to visit family on the 4th March. This gave us 2 days to get everything ready. Thankfully we had hired a container so Cath and I spent most of the time doing numerous trips up and down ladders storing 'stuff'. This was essentially all of the contents of the boat stored above bilge level, so a remarkable amount of things made their way to the surface accompanied by " I wondered where that was!". Amazing how you can lose things in 47 feet!

The yard is large and the only constant seems to be the yachties who seem to stay from between a few weeks to 2 1/2 years, where as the fishing boats get hauled one night and dropped back in the water in a couple of days after having major surgery..with a chainsaw!
Birds nest BBQ

 Work commenced in the forward cabin

 Setting up the pillars for the tent (concrete in an old tyre)


 One down, one to go. A bit stressful when nobody speaks English
 A quick whistle and 14 yard boys turn up to move the mast and then disappear
 Kittani's home for the next few weeks

 No OH&S here

The picture doesn't show its true's big!
 Forward Cabin under reconstruction

 Starboard cap rail demolished

 The 'old' Kittani starting to fade away

 Final sanding before sealing

Hull stripped back to the gel coat (above and below the water line)
2 coats of Jotunmastic (epoxy) to be applied. Rolled below and sprayed above waterline
This stage is 4 weeks out of the water, but 2 weeks of work. Getting there...but not sure when.

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