Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Satun Boat Yard 2

Now into week 7 on the hard. This includes the 2 weeks we had in Australia, so actually 5 weeks of work to date.

What has been accomplished?

Hull stripped back to the gel coat.
This took 12 days of heavy sanding due to, roughly, 14 coats of  antifoul and what appeared to be a layer of copper coat. Tough work and the yard worker - Wen - just kept on going day after day.
Once sanded, 3 layers of Jotamastic epoxy have been applied as a barrier coat. This would normally have a bonding coat to ensure antifoul sticks to it, but because Kittani will only be in the water for about a week before going back on the hard in Pangkor for a year, I am opting not to put anything on until we return from the UK.

Masts stripped back to bare metal.
Both main and mizzen sanded and then wet n dry sanded. A two pack etch primer applied followed by a coat of Penguard Hi build. Then two coats of International Interthane 990. After 6 years of looking at very sad masts, these will be lovely.



Top sides
Old gel coat was sanded and then long boarded, removing most of the wear and tear of probably 35 years. Even at this stage it was an improvement. To show up any imperfections, the hull was lightly sprayed with a can of black paint. Looked more like graffiti to me. More sanding. Fill was applied to any dents, scratches etc and then another graffiti attack and then sanded. A coat of hi build applied and then more graffiti . At this stage I was prowling the boat looking for this supposed artist, but never saw him doing it. Turn away and there it was.
Once sanded again, a coat of Awlgrip 545 primer applied. Looked great! You guessed it, the graffiti attack again. Finally, they got the 600 grit sanding completed ready for the final coats. Even now, it is almost good enough to leave. Top coats still to go. (The black paint is to identify areas still to be sanded. Very easy to miss if all is white)

All of the verticals bulkhead veneer has been stripped off and replaced with 4mm ply with a reconstituted teak machine pressed onto it. This is a much lighter colour than what was there before so will lighten the interior considerably.
New teak floor in the forward cabin
In addition, the carpet that was on the hull (very late 1970 style) has also been replaced with the same veneer together with new Vetus portholes. The latter have taken a bit of thought as to how to get them to fit. The exterior is a great fit being attached to an extrusion running down he hull. The interior was a bit more difficult and required some fibreglass grinding  and filling to make a good internal fit. Still work in progress.
All of the new surfaces will be covered with a two pack polyeurathane to keep it as light as possible and give it a hard surface.
Don't mention the dust..gets everywhere.

Fridge n freezer
Both have been causing issues with constant compressor cycling. A few cuts into the fibreglass lining uncovered water in the foam on the base of both. The floor from both was cut out, all the old foam removed and then replaced with a two pack foaming product. Good fun using this stuff. It mixes at a ratio of 50:50, a quick stir to mix and then pour quickly. Boy does it expand quickly and if too much mixed, goes everywhere. I compressed each pouring to ensure it stayed reasonably compact, but still oozes out any hole. I was contemplating taking out and replacing both boxes, but with all the internal work going on, thought I'd try his option first. We'll see how it goes.

Toe rail replacement
The aft toerail (port and starboard) had some rot. These were removed and replacements bedded down.

Pilot house timbers sanded and oiled. Using up the last of my Sikkens
Original solid teak inside cabins sanded and then coated with polyeurathane
Stainless steel fittings polished ( started this before agreeing to posting to UK). We'll see how it stands up to 12 months in a boatyard

Using 28.5 baht to AUD
HAULOUT  ฿      12,245  $        429.65
HARDSTAND  ฿      48,060  $     1,686.32
LABOUR  ฿   402,428  $  14,120.28
PARTS  ฿   201,736  $    7,078.44
CONTAINER  ฿      10,000  $        350.88
LIVE ABOARD  ฿        1,550  $          54.39
TENT  ฿      15,600  $        547.37
CRANE HIRE  ฿        5,288  $        185.54
ACCOMMODATION  ฿      10,100  $        354.39
   ฿   707,007  $  24,807.25

HULL ฿        21,600  $          757.89
INTERNAL ฿     113,000  $       3,964.91
PAINTING ฿     144,500  $       5,070.18
COMMISSION ฿        28,548  $       1,001.68
PROJECT MGT ฿        19,950  $          700.00
MAST ฿          8,600  $          301.75
POLISHING ฿          6,500  $          228.07
BONUS ฿        21,980  $          771.23
TOERAIL ฿          8,500  $          298.25
GENERAL ฿        29,250  $       1,044.64
  ฿     402,428  $    14,372.43






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