Thursday, 22 May 2014

Satun Boat Yard 3 ( PSS Boat Yard)

Having been In the yard for about 2 months, people searching for details may find this of benefit.

Cheap labour. Two types, 
one is hired via the yard and you pay between 600  - 1200 per day depending on what they do. Eg general is 600, light sanding is 800, heavy sanding is 1200. The worker (usually Burmese) still gets the same pay, about 330 per day and the yard collects the difference for the tools and elec used. Bit mean I think. 
The other is contracted....carpenters and painters. Bit more skilled than the yard workers. You pay a "boss" 1200 per day for these guys, sometimes 1500 if team leader. You will pay commission.
You can also hire carpenters / painters via the yard. Obviously you don't pay the commission, but the quality and urgency of their work can sometimes be questionable. Some are good some aren't.

 I employed a guy called Un who project manages multiple boats. He charges about 3000 per week and is indispensable for translating and getting the workers going. He gives you about 1 hour per day and as required. His number is Thailand 085 078 1959. Email is.

Yard shop...has a good range of what would be needed. I didn't bring anything from Langkawi and haven't had a problem. Un can source just about anything if you need it. Be aware that the bills from here mount up quickly.. Keep a close watch if you don't want surprises. The yard bills fortnightly but can do weekly if requested.
Good little "restaurant" just out of the yard. Open 6 days and good value..about 30 baht per meal
Tent hire for serious painting or deck work, I would suggest this is a must. The yard is busy, dusty and hot and getting wetter as the rainy season gets going.
Container hire - great for storing the treasures you will find when clearing out and getting ready to start work
The Burmese workers are the most hardworking I have ever seem. I have used 2
Mr Wen ....used for heavy sanding. 
Mr Zor....young guy with small daughter and wife who works in the yard. Fantastic worker. If you can get him, keep him. Switch him on in the morning and he goes all day. I have used him for general work, sanding, polishing,helping me re rig etc. because of the pay and his great attitude, I paid him a bonus at the end of each week.

Yard management.....they screw you down for everything. Like charging you for heavy sanding when light, light for when general. Highly recommend you keep a daily log of who you have and what they are doing and don't sign anything until you have x referenced. The other issue is use of compressor.. Make sure you check daily what they are charging you. They have charged me 8 days rental for 22 hours discussions with yard mgt!! 
Also charge a live aboard of about thb50 per person per day. Not publicised. Also charge for water when washing down the boat
Painters....whilst they do a terrific job they are as slow as a wet week. 
The yard is dirty and in the dry season very dusty.

Local engineering shop....not very good. I asked them to polish a whole lot of s/steel parts and had to send it back 3 times. Sim issues with another yacht getting some work done on his exhaust manifold....3 or 4 times back to get it done right. However, their welding, reputably, is good. There is another group of welders used by the motor boat. They are excellent and can fabricate almost anything, but pricey.

I rented a 1 room apt with air, ensuite and not much else for 7000 thb per month...bit less if for 2 month rental. This is in Satun town , about 15 mins away. Place is called Living@home.
Locally there is a shop just out of the yard that has a room for rent. Not sure of cost, quality though. Was rented by a French couple and they didn't seem to have any issues.
Car...few hours use, you can rent from shop owner...Uns mum..bit expensive at 500 - 600 for half a day. They also hire scooters for 100 for a few hours or 200 per day, 1200 pw I went the scooter route as the roads are quiet.

Would I do it agai?n..yes.

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