Thursday, 22 May 2014

Back in the water

The day had come to relaunch, whether we were ready or not. After spending the last night in the yard and working till nearly midnight reattaching pieces here and there, we just needed to get going. We had to wait until late morning for the tide to rise enough and then the strong current nearly swept us sideways onto a ferry wreck, but full throttle saw us head out into the river and finally on our way.

A short few hours later saw us arriving into Telaga harbour at Langkawi and checking back into Malaysia. It was great to catch up with our dear friends from Totem, but sad to think that this would most likely be the last time our sailing paths would cross. There were also some familiar faces from our Sail Indonesia rally - Adagio, Kularoo and Alleycat and always so good to see them again. Drinks on the beach that evening and great fun catching up on their news. Our second night there saw our son Chris fly in to help us sail Kittani down to Pangkor and ready her for the years storage. Always so good to have him around. Leaving Telaga, we headed down to the fiords at the bottom of Langkawi for our first night. Then a days trip south to Penang where we stopped at the southern end, and our third day was the long haul into Pangkor marina.

The lift out at Pangkor was by far the easiest lift we have ever done. It was a matter of minutes and we were up and out of the water, such a smooth procedure. Then the hard work started - it took us 2 full days to detach, de-rig, store everything away, get the tarps up, wipe everything down with diluted oil of clove to stave of mould and feel that we had done everything in our power to keep her safe and sound in our absence. So now she is snug in her new home and we are off to Kuala Lumpur in the morning by train via Ipoh and one last evening to enjoy the delights of KL with Chris before he flies back to Oz and we head to the UK for our next adventure.

                                     Heading onto the SeaLift at Pangkor Marina - Malaysia
Out of the water and off to her new lodging for 12 months

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