Tuesday, 26 March 2013


After deciding to bypass Yamba and continue to Brisbane, we picked up some fresh northeasterlies..yeah...sails up. These took us up the rest of the NSW coast.
Cape Byron came into view not long after leaving Yamba and we passed it at 8.00pm.

After mentioning the East Coast Current, we finally met it just short of Byron...wasn't too strong but noticeable. As we moved into QLD, it definitely got stronger getting up to 3+ kts just short of the Gold Coast.
We crossed the Southport bar at 06.30 and as the tides were right we continued up the inside passage to Moreton Bay. The shoals at Jacobs Well had been recently dredged, so even being 2 hours before high tide, we still had 20cm under the keel...yes 20cm!

Our AIS tracked path

For those folks in Sydney, you may be interested in the Queensland version of a 'mooring minder'. This was sighted (if you can call it that!) just north of Jacobs Well -

Arrived at Manly Harbour at 1.30pm.

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