Sunday, 24 March 2013

Queensland here we come

We spent last night in Coffs Harbour anchored in the outer area, close to the old jetty. Bit rolly but otherwise ok. We were going to take a berth at the marina as Cath wanted to catch up with a work colleague (Rowena) who was holidaying there. Unfortunately, the marina had no spaces due to a fishing comp and residual damage from storms earlier in the year. About 1 hour before the getogether, a massive thunderstorm was hovering over Coffs. Not wanting to leave Kittani unattended we decided to return ....sorry Ro.

The original plan was to go to Iluka (Yamba), but timings and weather have allowed us to push onto to the Gold Coast.

Clear skies, gentle northeasterlies and reasonably flat seas with no apparent East Coast Current (yet) should make it a nice but engine driven passage.


  1. Wow, lucky I am technical enough to know how to be able to create a post on here ! Looks like a PB for this trip ! Sounds like it's been a quick and uneventful trip. Hope all is well - car still out the front as well. MB

  2. Not long to go - look forward to seeing the welcoming committee on the news soon !