Saturday, 16 March 2013


Finally the umbillical cords (mooring lines) have been cut!
We had farewell drinks with some of the Cammeray marina locals last night. Very enjoyable and thanks to all for making it a special night.
We left the marina at 08.00 for the 08.30 Spit bridge and picked up a mooring at not nerves...just a final check of the boat and a precationary Kwell before setting off into 30 - 35 knots of southerly with a 3metre swell and  2 metre waves....the kwells did their duty, Cathy handled the conditions very well, even breaking into a smile after surfing down a big wave and hitting 12 knots. Who says Kittani is fat and slow!

3 hours from Balmoral to Pittwater.. A record for us, normally 5

We are currently enjoying a sheltered spot called Coasters Retreat and will head off early tomorrow for either Newcastle or Port depending. We still have to come to terms with neither of us working and time is really our own so maybe lots of stops in lovely locations (maybe except Newcastle) on the way north.

3 years in Sydney have flown past and we will always have fond memories of some of the great people we have met and worked with.


  1. Well done guys. I thought you may have waited for thing to get a bit quieter before leaving.
    Ross and Janice

  2. HI, watching you on the satelite tracker, and see you have made Coffs this morning. Hitting the diesel eh, how much have you used from Foster to Coffs, quite a way. Did you motor all night.

    It's a good job you did n't leave this Sunday from SYD as there was not a breath of wind, through the seas were very flat. water temp 23.5 degrees, and I guess that will be rising. Follwong your every move..... drinks with the Bracey's last night....

    Sail on...