Monday, 8 April 2013

Boobie patrol !!!!

Somewhere off Fraser Island Pete was on Boobie Patrol. With 2 women on board, I know what you are thinking. Wrong, Brown Boobies - I am speaking of the feathered type. Just on dusk a pair of boobies thought they would nest in our sail bags. So Pete was in a full time job trying to fend them off. Then they thought the radar looked like a good nesting area. Back to the sail bags for another try. Then the solar panels at the back of the boat. Foiled again - they really are persistent. After about 10 minutes of trying, the pair finally got the message and took off. Or so we thought, The next thing about 12 boobies appeared circling the boat. You have to be joking. It was only a final showing that they had been defeated - Pete had triumphed - no nesting on his boat. But what went on once the sun had gone down was anyone's guess. Into Bundaberg this morning to drop off our crew member and get some expert advice about a prop shaft issue. May be a few days while we get this sorted.

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