Friday, 26 April 2013

Keppel update

The sump is back on, after some minor difficulties with the connection, we were able to slowly lower the beast back into place and it is so good not to see that engine dangling on chains. With an extra pair of hands, all the parts are being reconnected and Kittani is starting to look like herself again. It is a race against time as we are getting Chris back on a plane this evening. We just could not have managed the job without him, it would have taken us weeks, not days. We owe him big time. The inside of the boat looks like a bomb site but I am sure after a day of sorting and cleaning, we will be back to normal.
We had booked the marina for a week expecting the job to take that long - parts from Germany, getting trades people etc - so will enjoy a few days of rest.....yeah right..still more jobs to do.
Jacqui and Kevin arrived at Keppel Island yesterday so we will meet up with them on Monday

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